History of a passion

To build unique and good looking bicycles by hand as they were done in the old days, to stand the test of time and not become outdated after a glance. to achieve this, I used my passion for mechanics and applied it to different materials. I wanted to unite their characteristics.

The idea
This was the concept that motivated me to take the first steps to create the initial designs of my bicycles. This is how the handcrafted bicycle, made of wood with refined ergal and carbon fibre mechanical details, was born. The mechanical refinement and wooden craftsmanship allowed us to achieve a handcrafted, technological product with personal and unique characteristics.

Jard bicycles are customisable in every aspect, from the wood colour to the colour of ergal screws in the frame. Every detail can be substituted or modified at the client’s choice according to personal taste.

The details that enrich a Jard are numerous, from the hardware to the nexus 8-speed shifter, all the way to thesilver plaque with the owner’s initials. Every Jard has a progressively numbered frame, copies cannot exist, and the certification definitively ties them to their owner.
To obtain a bicycle takes around 8 week …but it’s worth the wait!